Research & Technology

Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs)

As the saying goes "healthy things don't taste good". However, the implementation of Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs) has revolutionized this notion.

The health foods produced using ECTs are not only delicious, but also nutritious and functional, which has garnered lots of positive feedback from numerous consumers.

Technology Introduction

Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs) stands as one of SPRINGS BIO's pivotal technological advancements. By encapsulating a diverse array of functional nutrients within micro polysaccharide particles, their stability is notably enhanced even in high-heat and high-moisture environments.

The mechanism of Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs)

Technical Advantages

ECTs boasts a wide range of applications and carries significant value. It has already been successfully integrated into the production processes of numerous functional candies, jellies, and other health foods. The resulting benefits include:

Alleviation of the bitter taste or protein odor associated with various functional elements.

Improvement in the oil-water solubility of nutrient elements.

Preservation of the activity of nutrient elements while extending the shelf life of products.

Effective enhancement of dispersibility.

Amplification of the absorption of nutrient elements.