Research & Technology

Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs)

It’s a flaw if health supplements doesn’t taste good.

By employing Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs), our health supplements are not only nutritious and functional but also tastier, and highly praised by our customers.



Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs) is one of the core technologies developed by SPRINGS BIO. Functional nutrients can be stabalized in high temperature and high humidity by coating then with micro polysaccharide particles.

The mechanism of Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs)

Technical Advantages

ECTs boasts a wide range of applications and carries significant value. It has already been successfully integrated into the production processes of numerous functional candies, jellies, and other health foods. The resulting benefits include:

Better dispersibility

Better nutrient absorption

Better solubility of nutrients in oil and in water

Removing bitterness and the unpleasant smell of various protein from nutients

Maintaining the nutrients’ activity and extending the shelf life of products