Research & Technology

Extremo Generating Techniques (EGTs)


SPRINGS BIO R&D team has engaged in the field of extreme microbial research for more than 20 years and successfully isolated a variety of strains that are resistant to high temperatures, UV rays, and radiation. A series of our researches on thermophilic bacteria have shown that the use of enzymes and substances with small molecules, which were produced during the fermentation of specific thermophilic bacteria strains, as the medium substantially enhances the stability of functional ingredients and facilitates the absorption of functional components by cells. This has led to the development of Extremo Generating Techniques (EGTs).

Extremo Generating Techniques (EGTs) has a high commercial value and has already been untilized in the development of a variety of products such as food, health products, and cosmetics.

Mechanism:  protection and transport of functional molecules