Research & Technology

Extremo Generating Techniques (EGTs)

Technology Introduction

The research and development team at SPRINGS BIO has dedicated over 20 years to the field of extremophile research, successfully isolating a wide range of strains that exhibit resistance to high temperatures, ultraviolet rays, and radiation. In their investigation of high-temperature microphiles, they made a significant discovery. By utilizing enzymes and small molecular substances derived from the fermentation process of specific high-temperature bacterial strains, they can substantially enhance the stability of functional raw materials and improve the absorption of functional components by cells. This technique has been coined Extremo Generating Techniques (EGTs).

The application of Extremo Generating Techniques (EGTs) carries immense commercial value and has found extensive use in the development of various products such as food, health supplements, and cosmetics.

The mechanism of EGTs - protection and transport of functional molecules