About Us

Life as Wings, Bio with Springs 

生活如翼 自在遨翔 生命似泉 永不止息



SPRINGS BIO CO., LTD. was established in April 2005 as a biotech company that focuses on the development of local high-temperature microbial resources. The company places equal importance on basic research and commercial development. Its founder, Dr. Chen Mao-Yen, graduated from the Department of Botany at National Taiwan University (now the Department of Life Science), where he specialized in extreme microorganisms and high-temperature bacteria found in Taiwan's hot springs. Dr. Chen has led research teams in multiple academic research projects, government initiatives, and commercial development programs.

SPRINGS BIO is guided by the belief of "learning from nature". The company collects various extreme microorganisms from around the world and harnesses their ability to tolerate extreme environments to develop a high-temperature bacterial composite fermentation platform, which significantly improves the efficiency and stability of traditional conversion processes.

During its early years, the company used Extremo Generating Techniquesm (EGTs) and Extremo Coating Techniques (ECTs) to develop a variety of highly effective functional health food formulas. These formulas have been widely used by many professional healthcare institutions.



As food safety awareness increased, SPRINGS BIO is gradually expanding its application fields to agriculture, fishery, and animal husbandry industries. Its goal is to use high-performance nutritional supplements to help animals and plants grow healthily, enhance their immunity, and naturally reduce disease losses. This not only ensures that consumers eat healthily and safely, but also reduces breeding costs and increases profits, achieving a win-win situation for both consumers and industry players.Currently, the company provides a one-stop technical support service for research and development, production, and sales to multiple cooperative manufacturers, and its products have been widely used internationally. 


All of SPRINGS BIO’s research and development processes follow the operating mode of "extremophiles as cell factory".This simplifies the mass production process of advantageous bacterial strains, reduces energy consumption, and enables the recycling of waste materials. It naturally and effectively improves environmental pollution, creates a green economy, and achieves sustainable ecology.